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Scaling Your Freelancing Business with VIP Days with Courtney Ibinger

November 4, 2020

Looking to scale your business but don't want to be working #allthehours? That's where our guest, Courtney Ibinger, was just a little while ago and she decided it was time to change up her offerings and decided to add day rates into her business. Now, she offers solely half day and full day rates to her clients and she is going to break down what that looks like for her, how she was able to make the shift, what type of clients are a good fit for this business model and so much more! 


Courtney is a wife, mama to a one-year old boy, and former middle school teacher turned instructional designer. She grew up in Wisconsin, so she'll always be a midwesterner at heart, but now she calls Greenville, South Carolina home. Her favorite things in life are family trips to explore new places, iced tea with lemonade, and the excitement of helping a client set up their online course or membership.



In this episode, you will learn: 

  • How Courtney got started with freelancing
  • When Courtney decided it was time to narrow in on what services she was offering
  • How she started incorporating day rates into her business
  • What day rates/intensives/VIP days are 
  • What type of client and service is a great fit for VIP days


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