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Pivoting Your Freelancing Business to Offer a Premium Service with Pinterest Strategist Emilee Vales

October 28, 2020

Are you offering all the services but know that it’s time to make the pivot? Maybe you already know what service you want to go all in on and become an expert in but you’re scared. You’re worried about letting your current clients go, you’re doubtful if anyone will pay for your new signature service.


Well our guest Emilee Vales has gone through all of that already and she’s sharing her experience on what it was like to realize she needed to niche down, how she let go of current clients that were no longer serving her business and how she was able to feel confident in charging premium prices. If you’ve been wanting to narrow in your freelancing services but you’re stuck and unsure, Pinterest Strategist Emilee Vales breaks it all down for us in this week’s episode!



In this episode, you will learn: 

  • About Emilee’s journey to freelancing
  • What it looked like for her as she started to narrow in on just offering Pinterest
  • Her number one piece of advice if you want to accomplish your goals sooner
  • How she was able to solidify herself as a sought after Pinterest expert
  • Her best piece of advice for freelancers who are thinking of niching down


Connect with Emilee: 



Instagram: @emilee.vales


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