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Amplify Your Income with this Insanely Profitable Business Model with Sarah Masci

September 19, 2022

Day rates, VIP Days or intensives…whatever you might have heard them called, you’ll want to pay attention to how you can get into offering this service! One day for each client and results for everyone! 

Sarah is the founder Day Rate Mastery™, an online company that teaches creative service providers how to work less, and make more with a streamlined “day rate” business model. Years of running a traditional design business, filled with scope creep, inconsistent timelines and overlapping client projects, eventually resulted in classic burnout– becoming the catalyst that sparked Sarah's desire to create a better process. Since its inception in 2019, Day Rate Mastery™ has helped thousands of freelancers rediscover joy in their work and the freedom they’d lost along the way.


In this episode, you will learn: 

  • About Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey to where she is now
  • What VIP Days are & how to simplify the process 
  • How to price your VIP Day services 
  • Tips on selling yourself for new services


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